Angklung Candra Brata (Nangka Lemukih)

Angklung Candra Brata

Candra Brata is the name of this Music Gamelan Group, that came from Dusun Nangka, Lemukih Village are located in Singaraja (North of Bali). Please enjoy 2 Albums of the Music Gamelan of Angklung Candra Brata and if you feel so difficult to download Balinese Gamelan bellow, you can use Internet Download Manager to download.

  1. Tabuh Bawak Dawa
  2. Tabuh Gending Sasak
  3. Tabuh Janger 62
  4. Tabuh Kreasi Cendrawasih
  5. Tabuh Kreasi Manuk Langu Asri
  6. Tabuh Kreasi Wisata Grombong
  7. Tabuh Legong Galungan
  8. Tabuh Lembu Akeh Asri
  9. Tabuh Nara Pidana
  10. Tabuh Padi Kuning
  11. Tabuh Patra Sudirja
  12. Tabuh Tangis Gong


Buy the ORIGINAL CD or cassette better than using unoriginal, but will be better than you ever forget your own CULTURE.

Please give your comment bellow if there is some broken link.

Mohon beli KASET yang ASLI di toko-toko terdekat

5 thoughts on “Angklung Candra Brata (Nangka Lemukih)

  1. This is the most beautiful gamelan music I have ever heard. Suksema for sharing it with the world.
    Could you reupload:
    Tabuh Kreasi Cendrawasih.mp3
    Tabuh Nara Pidana.mp3
    Tabuh Padi Kuning.mp3
    Tabuh Patra Sudirja.mp3

    The links are broken. Thank you!!!!!!!

  2. Matur suksma!!!
    North Balinese angklung kebyar is so beautiful. If there are any more recordings, or websites to purchase the original CDs, it would be great if you can share them!

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