Balinese Calendar 2018

Werdi Media – Bali Calendar 2018 – Welcoming the New Year 2018, we are from Werdi Media provide free design for you with A3 size print. This Balinese Calendar we adopted from several sources, one of which is kalenderbali.org.

The Balinese calendar is the dating system used by Balinese Hindus on the island of Bali and Lombok. The Balinese calendar can be considered special because the Saka Bali calendar is the “convention” calendar. Not as absolute astronomical as the Hijri calendar, but it is not like the Javanese calendar, but ‘roughly’ is in between.

The Saka Bali calendar is not the same as the Saka Calendar from India, but the Saka calendar has been modified and added with local elements.

Bali Saka calendar can be said is a calendar syamsiah-kamariah (solar-candra) or luni-solar. So this calendar is based on the position of the sun and at the same time the moon. It is said that the convention or compromise, because along the course of the date is still discussed how the calculation.

In compromise it is agreed that: 1 day candra = 1 solar day. In fact 1 day candra is not equal to the length of 1 solar day. For that every 63 days (9 wuku) is set one day-solar which is equal to two days-candra. Today is called pangunalatri. It is not difficult to apply in arithmetic theory. The degree of accuracy is quite good, requiring only 1 leap day in a hundred years. (source: Wikipedia)

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems or difficulties in using this Balinese Calendar 2018. All of your support will be very helpful for us to re-create the Balinese Calendar in the next year.



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