Create Photo Mozaik with Photoshop

Create Photo Mozaik with Photoshop – On this time we will try to give you a little tips on how to create Mozaik Photo by using only Photoshop. It’s just an art game, so if anyone is unlike the design that we created, please forgive.

This time I will use a photo from Ariel Tatum, a beautiful girl who often play in the movie FTV, coincidentally we were quite happy to watch FTV movies and Ariel Tatum is one of my idol artist, beautiful because ?.

Okay let’s start how to make it, but one thing to remember, our art with your’s must be different, our favorite with you guys must also be different, so later adjusted.

Step 1Opened the photo of Ariel Tatum in Photoshop (photoshop version of it can be anything). For those who do not have photos please download here …

In this screenshot we have changed the name of the photo, before the name of Layer 1 (first click Layer 1 then click the Layer menu and select Rename Layer, fill the name then Enter.

Step 2. Next we will create Frame for the photo. On the left side of your photoshop screen, there are some toolbars, please click Rectangle toolbar or by pressing U button on keyboard. If what comes up is not a box but a circle or something else, please press the SHIFT + U button repeatedly until it turns into a box.

Step 3. Make the first box in his photo Ariel Tatum by CLICK + HOLD + MOVE (size can be adjusted)

Step 4. Make the second box in the first box the same way and the size can also be adjusted, after that please change the layer name of each box with the name Frame Kecil and Frame Besar (may be changed).

Step 5. Fill Layer Style of the two boxes that have been made earlier by clicking the layer that will fill the effect then click the Layer menu and select Layer Style, then select the desired effect.

  • The first box is filled with STROKE style layer. (please arranged according to your taste)
  • The second box is filled with STROKE and DROP SHADOW style layers. (please arranged according to your taste)

Step 6. Up here required is complete ie photo and frame. For the next step Ariel Tatum’s photo should be inserted into the frame. Drag the Ariel Tatum layer upwards and place it just above the Frame Kecil layer. Then press CTRL + ALT while clicking on the line between Ariel Tatum and Frame Kecil and see what happens.

Step 7. Next we will tie the layer Frame Besar and Frame Kecil become 1, so later if we want to shift the frame is easy. The way to click the Frame Besar layer then press and hold the SHIFT key (on the keyboard) while clicking the Frame Kecil layer, then right click on one of these layers and select Link Layers.

Step 8. Now we will make the 3 layers into 1 group, the same way as above click the Frame Besar layer then press and hold SHIFT key (at keyboard) while clicking layer Frame Kecil and Ariel Tatum layer, then right click on one of these layers and select Group from Layers

Step 9. To create a large frame and mosaic shape, we just copy the frame that had been made, how to right click on Group 1 then select Duplicate Group

Step 10. Now click the frame that was already in duplicate (copy) then slide and set the position and its slope as you wish. If you want to rotate or decrease the frame size how to press CTRL + T then set it with mouse size and its slope and if it is just click Enter.

Go back to step 9 and 10 above again and again, until the frame becomes a lot and Done …

How is the result? Good, average, very good, satisfying or how? When finished send via comment below…, then we know each other’s what is the different.

Thanks and best regards…

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