Sudiartha and Widiari Wedding

This is one of Traditional Balinese Wedding, as a first project with Balinese Costume we feel so happy when one of our relation give us opportunity to got the best experience. This Traditional Balinese Wedding are located in Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia. Hopefully to get another experience in Traditional Balinese Wedding, we wait for that opportunity.

Eka and I’am Wedding Invitation Card

Sometimes Hindu’s people make some ceremony at the time, for example Wedding Ceremony they make together with Potong Gigi Ceremony like Eka and I’am. At the same time first Eka and I’am including I’am brother’s and sister’s do the Potong Gigi Ceremony and then after that Eka and I’am continued with Wedding Ceremony. We feel so happy when one of our partner give this job to make Invitation Card for Eka and I’am, they give all off their Pre Wedding pictures who's taken by our partner and less than...
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